Last night, you had the chance to witness the more dominant and rough side of your boyfriend. Your fantasies were finally fullfilled as your thoughts wandered a few hours back, remembering him thrusting into you forcefully while he gripped your thighs apart for more access. You heard slight shifting beneath you and saw Seokjin finally wake up from his slumber. He blinked a few times and gave you the warmest smile, his orbs studying your beautifully bruised neck.

He gently ran his hand along some of them, guiding it lower to your waist, where he remembered pinching the skin last night, and caressed it lovingly with his thumb. He pulled you closer, careful not to cause you more pain and placed warm kisses on the back of your neck. Yoongi You were a total blushing mess while your thoughts wandered to the night before, when Yoongi showed you his rough side in bed. You were cuddled next to your still sleeping boyfriend, trying not to wake him up while you fidgeted around, remebering when he roughly pinned your hands above your head, a string of curses falling from his mouth.

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He was starting to wake up, it seemed. As you moved, you flinched unintentionally because of the pain that shot through your sore muscles from last night and earned a confused look from Yoongi. Hoseok The two of you laid on the bed, your eyes still closed. Still a little tired, you managed to recall the events that took place the previous night.

A shiver ran down your spine, as the images of Hoseok appeared in your mind. The way his hand was travelling all the way to your sensitive neck, just to grip it roughly and thrust in you harder.

You felt the temperature in your body rise and your cheeks redden, so you tried to get your mind off the things by shifting closer to Hobi. Hoseok moved his eyes from his phone and looked at you, smiling sweetly and asking you what hurts.

boyfriend imagines morning after

Namjoon You and Namjoon were having breakfast in bed and chatted about last night. A soft sigh of awe left his lips as he tilted your chin to get a better look on the purple hickeys that dwelled on your neck and then he moved to lift the oversized shirt from your thighs to examine the bruises there, too. Jimin You and Jiminie were lying in bed, casually pillowtalking about everything and anything from last night, letting out soft giggles every now and then.

He was turned to you, studying your profile as your gaze was directed at the ceiling, thinking everything through. The way he tightly held you by the hips, his palm roughly meeting the flesh from your behind, certainly leaving marks for the next morning. He admired you like you were a work of art, the dark hickeys blooming on your neck and collarbone as if they were cherry-colored roses that grew there overnight.

He kissed your hand and giggled queitly, brushing a few strands away from your face and revealing your rosy blush. Taehyung After a while your boyfriend got up from the bed, leaving you to rest a little more, you finally managed to wake up entirely.

You lay there, sprawled on your back, engulfed by the warm, soft sheets with a big smile on your face as you recalled the spicy events the previous night held. You moved your hands from your red cheeks to examine your bruised body. After Taehyung showing you his very dominant side that night, there was no doubt you would have those bruises all over your body.

Speak of the devil, your boyfriend suddenly entered the room and let himself fall back on the bed next to you, aware that you are awake. He turned to you and engulfed you in a warm embrace, this causing you to wince slightly from the pressure on the bruises on your skin.

Taehyung noticed this immediately and started to place soft kisses on each and every purple hue on your neck, his hot breath tickling you a tiny bit. Suddenly Jeongguk eyed you with a concerned expression and placed a warm hand on the hickeys on your neck, then gently pulling down the collar of your white shirt, revealing even more bruises. His eyes automatically widened and then suddenly his hands were all over you, wanting to know if there were more marks and bruises to be found.

I love fluff so much!! Also, I must apologize for not being so active recently.Send your bae a lovely good morning message and he will be happy receiving the romantic morning wishes from you! Melt him with love just after weak-up in the morning. Fill his day with love and make him feel as the luckiest boyfriend ever to have you beside him. Have a beautiful morning my love! I hope today, everything may go well and all your plans may accomplish in the right way!

Have a beautiful day Honey! Lucky to have you in my life! I may not be near you to wish this morning But my thoughts are always with you forever! Good morning my sweetheart! On this beautiful and sunny morning, know that my heartiest good morning prayers are with you! I hope you enjoy the morning and have a splendid time throughout the day!

boyfriend imagines morning after

Every sunrise gives me a new day to love with you. Every time I think about you. You are my first thought when I open my eyes. I love you. Good Morning my baby.

Every morning is beautiful because you are in my life. I wish to start every morning with you till my last breath! Enjoy this sunny morning to the fullest! May every morning bring a bright smile on your face and positivity in your life! A very good morning with best wishes so that you have a day full of good things and full of blessings and love! All I wish that every day of my life is spent watching the lovely smile in your face.

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boyfriend imagines morning after

Slut girlfriend threesome video fucking a friend and me. Girl and two men first time threesome. Hubby tapes his best mate doing his wife. Thank You Jessica.Could I please get a BTS reaction to their partner actually waking up sore after a they go a little too hard on them the night before? Thank you!

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You tried to stand up and walk after you woke up in the morning but crushed back into the bed next to Jin. He just watched you in amusement, with a smile on his face.

You turned around to face him and gave him an evil look. Jin would grab a few pillows and arrange them behind your back so that you could lie down comfortably. Yoongi smirked to himself after he saw you walking out of the bedroom towards the kitchen with a rather strange walk. When you woke up in the morning, Namjoon was already awake and made breakfast for you. He entered the bedroom and called for you.

He asked. Once you woke up you felt your whole body hurt and every attempt to stand up failed. He would turn on the TV and stay in bed with you for the rest of the day until you would feel better.

You groaned before stretching your arms and legs. You suddenly felt the pain and soreness that manly concentrated on your hip area and cried out. My body just hurts. Jimin would start apologizing a million times to you and pull you into a hug.

The last night was really though, no wonder you woke up sore and with pain around your hip area. You would turn around to see Jungkook still asleep next to you. You tried to stand up and stretch a little bit to ease the pain but you made it rather worse with it and crawled back into the bed again.

You pulled your boyfriends Shirt to wake him up and slowly he opened his sleepy eyes. You woke up in the morning and tried to get up and go about your day but the sudden pain you felt in your hip area let you fall back into the bad again.

You glared over you sleeping boyfriend and rolled your eyes. He really was rough last night, you thought. You grabbed your pillow and throw it at him. He would jump up and fall backwards off the bed to the ground.

Min Yoongi Yoongi smirked to himself after he saw you walking out of the bedroom towards the kitchen with a rather strange walk. Kim Namjoon When you woke up in the morning, Namjoon was already awake and made breakfast for you. Kim Taehyung You woke up in the morning and tried to get up and go about your day but the sudden pain you felt in your hip area let you fall back into the bad again.

Tags: gifs are not mine credits to the owner request bts bts reaction bts reactions bts react bangtan bangtan boys bangtan sonyeondan kim taehyung kim namjoon kim seokjin jimin park jimin min yoongi suga rap monster jung hoseok jeon jungkook jungkook j-hope jin v.You smiled thinking about how absolutely perfect last night was. You yawned and tucked your arms around his torso. You roll your eyes leaning in for a quick peck and turn to leave again.

You think it over for a second, making Harry sit up in anticipation.

boyfriend imagines morning after

But Liam made you feel whole and safe. You smiled at him sleeping peacefully and sighed, causing his eyes to flicker open.

Good Morning Messages For Boyfriend – Romantic Morning Wishes

You were nervous about this situation. You put on a shirt and shuffle out to the kitchen to find Louis pouring two cups of tea. You pop up from your chair and wrap your arms around his neck and kiss him.

He picks you up and you wrap your legs around him. You giggle and nod as he carries you to your bedroom. But after last night, something clicked. You begin to remember the details of the best night of your life so far.

The Morning After // Boyfriend Roleplay ASMR

Last night, you and Niall were relaxing one minute and before you knew it, you were getting all down and dirty in his bed…. You were watching some terrible reality television and laughing with a couple of beers, when suddenly Niall started staring at you.

You look at him for a second and place a kiss on his lips. There was a little hint of something else. What was meant to be a short peck turned into a full-blown make out session.

5SOS Preference #1: The Morning After (requested)

You groan and reply with a yes. He steps in and kisses you on the lips. You were woken up by light touches of fingertips against your back, and you smiled to yourself remembering that last night was the best night of your existence. Zayn was everything to you and last night you showed him just how true that was.

That is until that fateful day when an average night out with your friends ended in you meeting the man of your dreams.

boyfriend imagines

He made you feel dangerous, and you could use a little excitement after living a lifetime of watching life from the sidelines. Your heart skips a few beats and you giggle covering your face with your hands.

Guess what? We're taking requests again! Imagine you're dating one of the boys of 1D. Imagine how he proposes. Imagine what you name your kids. Imagine what your kids grow up to be. Imagine how you spend your retirement with him. All with that one man you met years ago. Reblog - 7 years ago with notes.You could still taste it, taste him. You loved the way he tasted on your lips almost just as much as you loved the way he felt against your skin.

The way his hands gripped your hips keeping you in constant motion and the way they tangled in your hair while he nibbled on your neck, you loved it all. Your body still tingled from the night before and the sweet smell of sin lingered in the bedroom as you reminisced in the details of the night before. You closed your eyes and remembered his deep voice in your ear as your nails raked his back with red scars for the morning.

The scars had faded to pink when you rolled over to check; you traced over the tracks with the lightest touch before scattering kisses along his shoulder until you embraced him from behind. His eyes were barely open and hazy but his smile was the complete opposite, it was wide and stretched across his face. But so was he, his naked body was perfectly sculpted and his skin was so clear and smooth.

It was unreal how handsome he looked right now and it was all effortless. He woke up perfect, while you on the other hand probably looked like a hot mess. The way he laid there with his limbs spread, veins on his muscles bulging and not a hair out of place combined with the light from the rising sun made him glow like an actual angel.

Taeyong got all weird when you told him that kind of stuff. Please understand that not every request will not be written.

Most of the time scenarios do take quite a bit of time to write, so please be patient with me! This is the list of all pending requests; that means I either am currently writing it or plan to do so. This is the master list, here you'll find everything I've ever written, like ever.

Don't see what you're looking for? Ask me and I'd love to help you! He rolled his face into the pillow to whine but you turned him over to face you.Notes: Hello everyone! Hope you guys like this cheeky one. Not really sure if I like how it came out to be honest, but hopefully you guys enjoy it!

Harry: A gentle yet ticklish trail of kisses made their way from your collarbones to your lips, causing you to smile as you began to wake up. You flickered your eyes open and instantly gazed upon Harry, the strands of sweaty hair that had been clinging to his skin the night before were now magically back to normal, looking as great as they did during the day.

I mean I could eat a massive breakfast right now…. You sighed as you placed your head back down to his chest, deciding to let him rest just a tiny bit more. His hand lifted up to your cheek as yours went around his neck, pulling at a few strands of his hair as the kiss deepened and became more and more passionate.

Liam: Your eyes flickered open as a stream of light coming through the blind covered windows before you grazed your face. Niall: You groggily woke up, attempting to rub the sleep out of your eyes as you realized you and Niall fell asleep on the couch last night. You slowly untangled yourself from his sleepy grasp and threw on the t-shirt you had been wearing the night before; before things had got heated and both of your clothes ended up in a pile on the floor.

You looked back at your sleeping boyfriend, his chest slowly rising and falling as you walked off to the kitchen. He leaned against the counter next to you, wearing only the white boxer-briefs he had put on, running his hands through his messy sex hair. You slowly moved your hands down to his boxers, hooking a finger around the elastic band as you gazed into his lustful eyes.

You quickly slipped it on and sat up, grabbing the cup of hot tea to take a sip. Preferences Prego Series Ask Links. Preference Morning After.

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